Hey guys! It’s great to be back blogging again. How are you?

Last week I turned 25 years old, and it seems like a nice round number to have a look back at the things I’ve done in the past. It’s so easy to get caught up in life and forget all the things you have accomplished in the past – so I invite you to do the same and take a while to think about your positive achievements from the small to the large.

Here’s mine:

1. Leaving school with good GCSE’s and A Levels

2. Finishing my BA Honours degree at University for the Creative Arts

3. Moving out of home

4. Discovering gratitude and being thankful.

5. Learning how to do laundry, and look after a home.

6. Meeting Jack, getting engaged and working on us.

7. Learning about Anxiety, myself, and going to therapy.

8. Going to MCM Comic Con!

9. Finding kindness in small things and the big.

10. Becoming a professional photographer and being a freelancer.

11. Leaving a job I hated

12. Friendships – both recent and lifelong

13. Working on a film set – I can’t wait to do more!

14. Published in Photography Magazines – Starburst Magazine, Dear Photographer, Practical Photography etc.

15. Living alone in my first year of uni

16. Holidaying with Friends at Center Parcs

17. Seeing lots of theatre – my personal favourites have been Wicked and The Addam’s Family Musical

18. Made Good friends Online

19.  Completed A Pokemon Game

20. Going to the Harry Potter Studio Tour

21. Learning and creating photography – both analogue and digital

22. Dying my hair blue.

23. Loving nature and animals

24. Helping in my old primary school

25. Creating Jasmine Aurora


Comment below something you have accomplished, no matter how big or small.

Jasmine x