What I tried to convey through these photos was strength but with a soft and kind heart. The mixture of resolute power in her confident stare at the viewer but also with soft feminine elements to show how harmoniously the two can mix.

Working with Ajiana was an absolute dream. Not only is she exceptionally beautiful but also confident, strong, intelligent and so bright and happy. Working with models like Ajiana really makes me job an easy one. As it turns out, Ajiana and I live pretty close to each other – after finding her profile on social media I invited her for a local photoshoot and we spent an hour or so shooting together and getting to know each other too.

We found this amazing orange textured wall, which I think looks so beautiful in both black and white and colour – it’s definitely going to be a favourite for shoots in the future. There were loads of images that we took away from this photo session, but the three above where my strong favourites.

London photographer fashion ajiana editorial surrey ajiana in farnham surrey by jasmine aurora ajiana black and white portrait africa ethnicity by Jasmine Aurora

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