Hey guys!

How are you? August has been a weird transitional month for me. But for now, I’d really like to put together a list of everything I’m loving this month – like a type of gratitude list I suppose, and a place to share with others some things that have bought me joy.

Book: Nine Perfect Strangers – Liane Moriarty

After being in a book slump for a while, I picked up this book on a whim from a charity shop and finished it a few days later. The premise of the book is a group of strangers that meet at a wellness retreat with rather different methods of working. The characters are so hilarious and have such vivid backstories. It went completely against what I was expecting about halfway through, which was great! I love the way Liane Moriarty wrote it, and I will be sure to check out more of her books now.

TV: Friends

Okay, so I do not know how many times I’ve watched this through in my life, but it was time to go through from the beginning again. It’s comfort TV and makes my heart happy.

Music: Taylor Swift

Taylor is one of the only music artists where I look forward to her bringing out a new album. I hadn’t listened to her for a while when I watched her Reputation stadium tour on Netflix and immediately downloaded all of her music for a relisten. I’m really enjoying her new album ‘Lover’ with my favourites being ‘The Archer’ and ‘Lover’.

Creative: Sketching and illustration

I always thought of myself as someone who simply could not draw – it was one of the first things that really drew me into working with photography. Now, I have just finished my first full sketchbook. A lot of it is pretty awful, but there are some things that are kind of good and I’m keen to learn more. There is something relaxing and soothing about sketching too that I am really drawn towards. I’m trying out all different types of art at the moment – it’s fun exploring different mediums.

Game: Breath of the Wild on Nintendo Switch

I’m still at the beginning stages of my own game but I’ve been watching Jack play this huge and exciting game and it just keeps on giving. It’s a good mix of open-world and objective-based gameplay. The map is beautiful too. I am not a fan of the Zelda series in general, I didn’t enjoy Ocarina of Time, but the gameplay is different enough to still complement the same characters and setting. Plus, the Nintendo Switch is pretty awesome. I really like how you can play on the TV or snuggled up in bed.

Wellbeing: Mindfulness

I’m hesitant to write anything about this as I’m still just dipping my toe into a mindfulness practice.

Youtube: Art Channels and Thrifting DIY

My youtube watching is now almost exclusively around watching people create and teach art as well as thrifting clothes and DIYing them into amazing pieces. It’s relaxing and inspiring all at the same time.

So, there we have it. Those are my favourite things about the month of August 2019.

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What have you been enjoying this month?

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