Bonding with Birds… like a Gilderoy Lockhart novel… get it? Last week my mum took Jack and I out to Birdworld Surrey in Farnham. Now, this was quite a bit deal. Having lived in the area since university in 2011, I have been wanting to go to Birdworld so badly but it was one of those things that I just never got around to even though it only takes around 15 minutes on the bus. But at last, last week, we went.

I love birds, I love them a lot. I also love dinosaurs and actually all kinds of animals so getting to spend some time with them was really great. It worried me that it would be like a lot of zoos where the animals are in small enclosure – especially with birds where I feel like they need the space to fly. But overall I felt like the animals there looked really well taken care of and had plenty of room to roam about. I think a lot of them where also allowed to fly outside, like the birds of prey, and birds like the Penguins where also part of breeding programmes. It was very informative and educational too.

humboldt penguin swimming at birdworld surrey

colourful parrot at birdworld surrey

My favourite part of the day was meeting the Cockatoo which is in the 8th photo – the white bird with the crazy yellow hair do. We approached it because it looked like it was being quite social and wanted some attention against the bars. We said ‘Hello!’ and was greeted by it saying ‘hello’ back to us in it’s parroty squawky voice. I still wasn’t convinced it was repeating what we where saying but it soon whistled back to my mum, made kissy noises, said ‘who’s a pretty boy’ and when we where in fits of laughter proceeded to laugh along with us.

I’m very into ornithology, the study of birds, and I would absolutely love to study more into it and do what I can to help and discover more about these beautiful creatures. My joke beforehand was that we where actually going to Jurassic Park for the day to see real life mini feathered dinosaurs. I’d love to see these animals in their natural habitat one day Isla Nublar.

robin on a branch at birdworld surrey

baby goat at birdworld surrey

cockatoo at birdworld, surrey

I want to take more photos like this, I just love the happy memories and wonder of the natural world mixed with humans that it puts accross. It shows our human curiosity and highlights how much we need to look after the natural environment around us. Next I would love to go back to the London Aquarium and Natural History Museum. If you know of any other places then please do let me know as I’m keen to explore.

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Jasmine Aurora x