Home, Goslings + Grounding

Home, Goslings + Grounding

Good morning. It seems like I have a gained a few bloglovin subscribers over the past few months – so firstly, hello and welcome!

Now, it’s been a little while since I updated this blog, I get it. I love blogging, but over the winter time I’ve been caught in a bit of a rut of illness and feeling very uninspired creatively.

Last weekend I visited my home town to see one of my longest and best friends Ellie. This year I made a deal with myself that I would visit my hometown / family / friends (they are all the same place) at LEAST once a month and so far I’m so glad that I did. Going back always connects me so much to my self. It grounds me and reminds me of how far I have come.

Goslings at the pond – so cute!
Signs of spring
2019 in Photos

2019 in Photos

HELLO! I know, I know, it’s February. I’m a bit late to the party.

The change of the year is always a bit bittersweet. This last decade has been a struggle for a lot of the time, whether it’s personal circumstances, depression, anxiety, it’s been a whole load of learning about life and how I work. I like to think I’m now a different person now – my armour is a bit thicker, I know myself better and hopefully, I can wrangle my inner child with a bit more confidence, kindness and with better results.

Looking back, it doesn’t feel like I filled my 2019 with photography – there was a lot of chasing my own tail and thinking more than doing. I started to lose a little bit of the play of creating and I am now trying to bring the fun into 2020. Although I may not have done too many shoots last year, I still created some of my best and most treasured work too so overall I’m proud of myself for what I accomplished.

SO many good things happened in 2019; we moved into a house with rooms, we added a beautiful kitten to our family and I started new work which has been going well. We are building a foundation for ourselves slowly but surely.

I have picked out a selection of the images I made in 2020 which I am most proud of – here’s to 2020!

And finally a big THANK YOU if you are following this blog or even if you’re just reading it as a one off. I want to start working on the ‘education’ part of the blog in the future, so if there is anything that you would like to know more about please do say!

Let me know in the comments your favourite moment of 2019.

Happy new year everyone!

Jasmine x

Photo Walks & Being a Freelance Introvert

Photo Walks & Being a Freelance Introvert

Bonjour! Hello! How are you?

I was pretty sure it was Monday today – but it turns out it’s actually Tuesday. ??‍♀️

One thing they just don’t tell you about working for yourself is just how much you need to actually interact with other people in order to not be cripplingly lonely. Ah, I remember this from last time. As an introvert, I could quite happily spend all day at home with my computer and a book and be very happy about it. But after a few days, the loneliness creeps in.

Therefore, whenever someone asks if I want to do something IRL, my default answer at the moment is ‘yes, okay!’ which is actually quite a scary answer for an introvert, but it’s turning out okay so far. An old work colleague of mine who has an interest in photography, Jen, invited me along to a photo walk with her and her housemates. Shock, horror, new people, socialising, walking.

I turned up quite worried, but also glad to be out of the house, and it turns out the people were all lovely. It was really nice to just take my camera out and photograph the things around me just for fun. I don’t think I’ve done that for a while and it’s definitely a very mindful thing to do.

Chatting with these people I started to learn two things:

Firstly – to loosen up and not take photography so seriously. Remember when you first picked up a camera and you just wanted to play and take great photos.

Secondly – to play with some of my other cameras at home! As well as my pro equipment, I also have quite a few little and interesting film cameras that I have not used in ages. Film is exciting and it feels like a whole different way of shooting.

I’m not really sure why I shot everything in portrait, it’s not exactly the norm of ‘street photography’… I think I was probably just stuck in book cover mode. ?

Anyway, I’m looking forward to loosening up with photos a bit and seeing these guys again.

Any tips from freelancers out there?

Thank you for reading!


PS: I’m currently uploading some pretty cool images to Instagram at the moment.

Home For the Weekend – Dogs, Cats & Street Fairs

Home For the Weekend – Dogs, Cats & Street Fairs

Hi everyone! It’s getting so close to Christmas now isn’t it? It’s definitely time to throw on a festive jumper and dance around to some tunes on Spotify. As a photographer, something I often forget to do is photograph my own family. Part of this is because I want to be in the moment and chat and laugh and experience it all, part of it is because bringing a big camera everywhere can be cumbersome and part of it is just that I forget.

I run a business in family photography – I often instill in my clients the importance of having photos of your loved ones and lovely moments to look back on and how precious family photo sessions are. This often overtakes my own need for family photos, and from now on I want this to change. These are all moments that I want to remember too – I want my family printed on my wall, and it’s completely within my power to do so.

This weekend I was able to travel back to my hometown to see my parents and family, something that I only really manage to do a couple of times a year. It was such a lovely weekend and I’m so happy that I’ve now got the memories AND the photographs too. It was all very festive. We walked around the street fair on Friday night, full of people dressed up as elves, a santas grotto and lots of children singing carols. On Saturday we headed to Gunwharf Quays and there was also a rock choir there getting all Christmassy and festive. It was also my nan’s 80th birthday so I was so happy that I got to be there to celebrate it with her too.

Going forward I want to create my own photobooks of MY family and get some lovely portraits to print on my wall.

Do you photograph your own family too? 

Feelin’ Festive

Feelin’ Festive

The run up to Christmas is one of my favourite times of the year, but last year, I started it way too early. I was looking for signs of Christmas in September, was thrilled by the odd bit of tinsel in October, decorated for Christmas early November and by the time Christmas actually came around… I was pretty bored of it. I was looking at the tree thinking ‘I am bored of you. Can I have my house back now?’ by early December.

THEREFORE, this year I am trying to wait just a little bit longer. It’s a bit like being a kid in a sweet shop really. When you move out and have your own house as an adult you’ve suddenly got no-one else to say to you ‘HEY, LET’S WAIT!’ and your mind is firmly on *f it, I am an adult and I will DECORATE FOR CHRISTMAS WHENEVER I WANT*. But it’s safe to say, I have learned my lesson now. Sometimes just waiting a teensy little bit can make it all the more magical when the time comes around. If you decorate early for Christmas I am not judging at all, in fact, I’m probably jealously looking at your festive house on social media and longing to decorate my own.

However – this year, there will be no Christmas decor or trees until 1st December, hopefully that will keep the magic alive for a little bit longer this year.

The only little sneaky bit of sneakyness that may have possibly snuck in is these fairy lights, but to be fair they’ve been around all year – I’ve just…moved them slightly. BUT it inspired me to set my camera up and photograph a little self portrait.

When do you decorate for Christmas and why?

Do you have anything special you like to do?

Jasmine Aurora xo




I have always felt a connection with nature and flowers, and as I get older I find myself wanting and needing to be around nature more. I love walking down to the river to feed the ducks, and days full of rain and walks outside have such a relaxing and meditative effect on me.

If only I put could down the computer and phone more often and do these things, instead of scrolling on instagram. Does anyone else feel the same? As soon as I’m living somewhere that allows pet’s I’m going to adopt a dog and we can explore the woods around here every day.

I want to start including nature, particularly flowers, in my work at lot more so this was my first little self portrait adventure. One small, single bloom to show the start of something more.

jasmine aurora self portrait synthesis