Silhouette Film Photography – How I Rediscovered My Old Work Pt.1

Silhouette Film Photography – How I Rediscovered My Old Work Pt.1

Where It Began

A notice popped up on my email saying something along the lines of ‘calling for images of cages!’. Way back in university I remember photographing some beautiful vintage birdcages so I decided to dig out my old hard drive and see what I could find – and oh boy did I find a treasure trove that I was not really prepared for. Unfortunately, I found no images of cages, but what I did find was really quite exciting and strangely cathartic.

There were a lot of images of my old photo work from studying at university. I mean, mostly there were just so many memories crammed into one dusty hard drive but I found access to images that I really thought were long gone and that I would never ever get back. Result!

Finding the Treasure

Amongst those images was a series from my very early uni projects (around 2011) and one of my only photographed on 35mm film. I can’t remember much about the brief now but I think it may have had something to do with constructing your own reality within a small series. While I look back and see I didn’t quite do what they asked for, they make for pretty awesome images still and I’m definitely going to add these to my images for potential book covers. Back then I remember having so many ideas for use of silhouette photography within portraiture and this was my first foray into the field.

Learning From Past Work

The lesson I learned from looking back on this old work was that photography can be fun and playful, and sometimes I really lose a sense of that. You can experiment and get strange but brilliant outcomes and just go with what you fancy. I’m definitely going to try and incorporate that more going forward.

So, here we are – these where taken in a studio on 35mm film which I then developed, scanned, printed etc. When I found them this week I also added a bit more magic to the colour, mostly inspired by the book cover idea.

Cirque De La Silhouette

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Thanks for reading!

Jasmine Aurora x

Feelin’ Festive

Feelin’ Festive

The run up to Christmas is one of my favourite times of the year, but last year, I started it way too early. I was looking for signs of Christmas in September, was thrilled by the odd bit of tinsel in October, decorated for Christmas early November and by the time Christmas actually came around… I was pretty bored of it. I was looking at the tree thinking ‘I am bored of you. Can I have my house back now?’ by early December.

THEREFORE, this year I am trying to wait just a little bit longer. It’s a bit like being a kid in a sweet shop really. When you move out and have your own house as an adult you’ve suddenly got no-one else to say to you ‘HEY, LET’S WAIT!’ and your mind is firmly on *f it, I am an adult and I will DECORATE FOR CHRISTMAS WHENEVER I WANT*. But it’s safe to say, I have learned my lesson now. Sometimes just waiting a teensy little bit can make it all the more magical when the time comes around. If you decorate early for Christmas I am not judging at all, in fact, I’m probably jealously looking at your festive house on social media and longing to decorate my own.

However – this year, there will be no Christmas decor or trees until 1st December, hopefully that will keep the magic alive for a little bit longer this year.

The only little sneaky bit of sneakyness that may have possibly snuck in is these fairy lights, but to be fair they’ve been around all year – I’ve just…moved them slightly. BUT it inspired me to set my camera up and photograph a little self portrait.

When do you decorate for Christmas and why?

Do you have anything special you like to do?

Jasmine Aurora xo


Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween!

Hello and happy belated Halloween! A friend of mine very kindly got me this huge amazing pumpkin from her family’s patch and I needed to do something with it this Halloween. This was pretty fun to make and upload. Halloween isn’t usually my thing – I love all the cute spooky decorations, and I can get on board with the dressing up, but actual scary things are not my cup of tea. Do you celebrate Halloween – if so, how?  Jas x



What I tried to convey through these photos was strength but with a soft and kind heart. The mixture of resolute power in her confident stare at the viewer but also with soft feminine elements to show how harmoniously the two can mix.

Working with Ajiana was an absolute dream. Not only is she exceptionally beautiful but also confident, strong, intelligent and so bright and happy. Working with models like Ajiana really makes me job an easy one. As it turns out, Ajiana and I live pretty close to each other – after finding her profile on social media I invited her for a local photoshoot and we spent an hour or so shooting together and getting to know each other too.

We found this amazing orange textured wall, which I think looks so beautiful in both black and white and colour – it’s definitely going to be a favourite for shoots in the future. There were loads of images that we took away from this photo session, but the three above where my strong favourites.

London photographer fashion ajiana editorial surrey ajiana in farnham surrey by jasmine aurora ajiana black and white portrait africa ethnicity by Jasmine Aurora

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Last summer (remember summer? ?) there was a really odd day. Now excuse me for being all British and talking about the weather, but to be honest that is the main thing I remember about that day. It was a storm like I havn’t seen in a few years – torrential rain lashing against the windows and strong winds bending over the trees and rattling the window frames. I looked at my fiance, Jack, and said ‘I’m going to have to cancel this shoot, I cannot make people go out in that’. I sent an email around to the model, Melissa and MUA Declan Scammel, that said something along the lines of ‘I’m really sorry, but the weather is TERRIBLE can we re-arrange?’. After having a talk, we discovered that it was supposed to clear up a bit later so crossed out fingers and hoped for the best.

What happened was possibly the best natural light I have ever shot in. It was well into the evening so the high summer sun was in the perfect golden hour. Pair that with a kick ass model and a wonderful MUA (who happens to be one of my dearest friends) and a little bit of magic happened that day.

Golden Hour Fitness Fashion Photography Flowers young woman fitness clothing Fashion photo of model in Gym Shark fitness golden hour sports fitness photography victoria garden farnham fashion photography Victoria Garden farnham fitness fashion photography golden hour sunshine fashion fitness Girl by tennis courts fashion golden hour Bright sunshine fashion photography Full body golden hour fashion photography

Model: Missy from Forte Model Management
MUA: Declan Scammell
Camera: Canon 6D
Lens: Sigma ART 35mm f1.4

Next week I am meeting up with some more models from this agency and looking forward to creating some more great images.

Jasmine Aurora x