Last summer (remember summer? ?) there was a really odd day. Now excuse me for being all British and talking about the weather, but to be honest that is the main thing I remember about that day. It was a storm like I havn’t seen in a few years – torrential rain lashing against the windows and strong winds bending over the trees and rattling the window frames. I looked at my fiance, Jack, and said ‘I’m going to have to cancel this shoot, I cannot make people go out in that’. I sent an email around to the model, Melissa and MUA Declan Scammel, that said something along the lines of ‘I’m really sorry, but the weather is TERRIBLE can we re-arrange?’. After having a talk, we discovered that it was supposed to clear up a bit later so crossed out fingers and hoped for the best.

What happened was possibly the best natural light I have ever shot in. It was well into the evening so the high summer sun was in the perfect golden hour. Pair that with a kick ass model and a wonderful MUA (who happens to be one of my dearest friends) and a little bit of magic happened that day.

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Model: Missy from Forte Model Management
MUA: Declan Scammell
Camera: Canon 6D
Lens: Sigma ART 35mm f1.4

Next week I am meeting up with some more models from this agency and looking forward to creating some more great images.

Jasmine Aurora x