Bonjour! Hello! How are you?

I was pretty sure it was Monday today – but it turns out it’s actually Tuesday. ??‍♀️

One thing they just don’t tell you about working for yourself is just how much you need to actually interact with other people in order to not be cripplingly lonely. Ah, I remember this from last time. As an introvert, I could quite happily spend all day at home with my computer and a book and be very happy about it. But after a few days, the loneliness creeps in.

Therefore, whenever someone asks if I want to do something IRL, my default answer at the moment is ‘yes, okay!’ which is actually quite a scary answer for an introvert, but it’s turning out okay so far. An old work colleague of mine who has an interest in photography, Jen, invited me along to a photo walk with her and her housemates. Shock, horror, new people, socialising, walking.

I turned up quite worried, but also glad to be out of the house, and it turns out the people were all lovely. It was really nice to just take my camera out and photograph the things around me just for fun. I don’t think I’ve done that for a while and it’s definitely a very mindful thing to do.

Chatting with these people I started to learn two things:

Firstly – to loosen up and not take photography so seriously. Remember when you first picked up a camera and you just wanted to play and take great photos.

Secondly – to play with some of my other cameras at home! As well as my pro equipment, I also have quite a few little and interesting film cameras that I have not used in ages. Film is exciting and it feels like a whole different way of shooting.

I’m not really sure why I shot everything in portrait, it’s not exactly the norm of ‘street photography’… I think I was probably just stuck in book cover mode. ?

Anyway, I’m looking forward to loosening up with photos a bit and seeing these guys again.

Any tips from freelancers out there?

Thank you for reading!


PS: I’m currently uploading some pretty cool images to Instagram at the moment.