Feelin’ Festive

The run up to Christmas is one of my favourite times of the year, but last year, I started it way too early. I was looking for signs of Christmas in September, was thrilled by the odd bit of tinsel in October, decorated for Christmas early November and by the time...

Happy Halloween!

Hello and happy belated Halloween! A friend of mine very kindly got me this huge amazing pumpkin from her family's patch and I needed to do something with it this Halloween. This was pretty fun to make and upload. Halloween isn't usually my thing - I love all the cute...


What I tried to convey through these photos was strength but with a soft and kind heart. The mixture of resolute power in her confident stare at the viewer but also with soft feminine elements to show how harmoniously the two can mix. Working with Ajiana was an...


Last summer (remember summer? ?) there was a really odd day. Now excuse me for being all British and talking about the weather, but to be honest that is the main thing I remember about that day. It was a storm like I havn't seen in a few years - torrential rain...


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