Where It Began

A notice popped up on my email saying something along the lines of ‘calling for images of cages!’. Way back in university I remember photographing some beautiful vintage birdcages so I decided to dig out my old hard drive and see what I could find – and oh boy did I find a treasure trove that I was not really prepared for. Unfortunately, I found no images of cages, but what I did find was really quite exciting and strangely cathartic.

There were a lot of images of my old photo work from studying at university. I mean, mostly there were just so many memories crammed into one dusty hard drive but I found access to images that I really thought were long gone and that I would never ever get back. Result!

Finding the Treasure

Amongst those images was a series from my very early uni projects (around 2011) and one of my only photographed on 35mm film. I can’t remember much about the brief now but I think it may have had something to do with constructing your own reality within a small series. While I look back and see I didn’t quite do what they asked for, they make for pretty awesome images still and I’m definitely going to add these to my images for potential book covers. Back then I remember having so many ideas for use of silhouette photography within portraiture and this was my first foray into the field.

Learning From Past Work

The lesson I learned from looking back on this old work was that photography can be fun and playful, and sometimes I really lose a sense of that. You can experiment and get strange but brilliant outcomes and just go with what you fancy. I’m definitely going to try and incorporate that more going forward.

So, here we are – these where taken in a studio on 35mm film which I then developed, scanned, printed etc. When I found them this week I also added a bit more magic to the colour, mostly inspired by the book cover idea.

Cirque De La Silhouette

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